The personal information collected by GM Dealer Programs through Headway Marketing is information typed into a order form web page. We do not use any passive or invisible means of collecting personal information. We do not secretly collect e-mail addresses or other personal information. If you did not physically type in the information, we will not receive it.

We do not sell or distribute its client information to any company or organization. You will never be placed on any other mailing list from any information you have provided. We do reserve the right to list the "company names" of client companies on the web site as well as descriptions of work performed for that client company. Non Public Domain Contact information will not be publicly listed unless permission is first obtained from the client. The names or contact information for persons working for that company will not be publicly displayed on the web site. We will make every effort to hold in complete confidence all confidential or secret business information you provide.

Business Client Information that is provided will be used to (a) provide the services requested by the client and (b) enroll you in an e-mailing list which will provide client information. This e-mailing list can be unsubscribed from at any time by responding to the e-mail.

Physical Address / Contact Information:
Headway Marketing - d/b/a GM Dealer Programs
10945 State Bridge Road, Suite 401-471
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone: 770.401.9083
Fax: 770.407.8566
Email: mkrause@gmdealerprograms.com